Top 7 Signs You Need a Door Repair Service for Your Business

Did you know that retail theft complaints in NYC were about 16% higher than in 2019? In most cases, thieves enter through storefront doors of businesses that do not have or have weak security systems. In fact, overall robbery cases increased by 56%, according to NYPD Citywide Crime Statistics for February 2022.

Getting robbed is a traumatic experience, but one way you can avoid this from happening to you is by repairing your doors if you see signs of damage or wear. And this is where Matadoor Security Services comes in! Don’t risk your business being the next robbery victim; instead, call us for immediate help.

Keep reading this article to discover the top 7 signs you need a door repair service for your business in NYC.

1. Misalignment of the Door to the Frame

This commonly happens when your storefront door is poorly installed or gets slammed frequently. When this occurs, the screws on the door hinges will likely get loose, causing the door to sag. Although your door can still function even when sagging, it’s crucial to get it repaired.

In most cases, we can solve this problem in less than 30 minutes. This promptness allows you to continue your business without interruption. And if you have a busy schedule, we are available 24/7, and you can request service anytime.

2. Your Door Makes Squeaking Noises

If your door makes a lot of squeaking noises when your customers open it, that’s probably because of your rusty door hinges. Rusty hinges create friction between the pin and the knuckles, creating the annoying sound we all don’t like. Most customers are sensitive to what they hear, so having squeaking hinges will give them a bad impression of your business.

You can solve this temporarily by applying lubricant or oil in the space between the pin and the knuckles. This will stop the squeaking noises for quite some time, but ultimately, you need to give Matadoor Security Services a call to repair or replace them with new door hinges.

Rusty door hinges

3. Your Door Makes a Hollow Sound When Tapped

This is a significant warning sign if you have a solid wooden storefront door. This happens when termites and other wood-eating insects eat your door from the inside out. You might not know when this problem started, but a swarm of busy termites has been slowly but surely eating inside your door this whole time. If you hear that hollow sound, immediately call Matadoor Security Services and a pest control service.

If no immediate action is taken, these wood-eating insects will eat your entire door and possibly your other wooden possessions. But, more importantly, if they’ve eaten the door inside, robbers wouldn’t have a hard time breaking it and entering your building. For this, our door specialists recommend replacing the door and the frame (if you have a wooden frame) altogether since termites have probably damaged the interior of your door badly.

4. Your Door Doesn't Stay Latched

Many business owners experience this problem. Their doors don’t stay latched when they try to close them; when they do, they can still be open with a slight push. This happens for various reasons; one of them is having a misaligned strike plate on the door frame. This misalignment occurs with frequent door use, as hinges allow a door to sag over time.

This is a significant problem since the whole point of having the door is to keep it closed. If this happens, call Matadoor Security Services to have your strike plate inspected and relocated. Furthermore, we highly encourage you to double-check your storefront door if it’s locked when leaving your store so you know it stays closed and secure.

Relocating Strike Plate

5. Your Door Has Sustained Damaged

Your door might be functioning from top to bottom now, but if it sustained some damage in the past, you might want us to check it. Over time, the previously damaged area can get worse, and you may not be able to save your storefront door. In addition, if your door had poor repair service in the past, robbers would definitely be attracted to it.

If you notice the damaged area getting worse, call Matadoor Security Services to have it inspected and repaired immediately. Our team is composed of highly trained and licensed technicians with over five years of experience in the industry.

6. Your Steel Door Has Rust and Corrosion

Steel doors provide excellent security against robbers and extreme weather conditions. However, most steel doors are also prone to rust or corrosion. You might not notice any signs of rust in the first few years when the door is new, but they’ll appear eventually in the long run.

Having that rusty door will not only harm the aesthetics of your building entrance but will also erode the steel structure of the door. Therefore, your entry will be much weaker, which will cause the door to easily bend and open when inserting objects between the door and the door jam. You should take care of the rust and corrosion immediately before they degrade the quality of your door. That’s especially true if you have high traffic entrance to your business or building.

7. Your Storefront Door Doesn’t Close Properly

Storefront doors that are poorly installed or fitted leave large gaps between them and the door frame. This causes insulation problems and makes it difficult for you to maintain the right temperature. As a result, you’ll use the HVAC system more often, ultimately increasing your electricity bill.

To solve this, our professional door technicians will examine the gaps and decide whether a new door frame is needed or just a slight re-alignment.

Repairing Broken Door Jamb

Now You Know When You Need a Door Repair Service for Your Business

As we’ve discussed in this article, a few signs indicate your door needs to be thoroughly inspected and repaired. Expert door technicians from Matadoor Security Services can help you ensure your door is functioning at its optimal level, providing you with the security you deserve.

If you want the best door repair services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, contact Matadoor Security Service at 929-539-8048. You can count on honest pricing and customer-centered service with us every time!

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