Panic Bars: The Ultimate Solution for Commercial Door Security and Emergency Exits

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Panic Bars

As a building manager or business owner, the safety and security of your employees and customers is your top priority. That’s why it’s essential to install panic bars, also known as push bars, exit devices, or crash bars, on all your exit doors. Panic bars are required by New York laws and the Department of Buildings (DOB) to ensure safe and easy exit in case of an emergency.

At Matador Security, we offer a wide range of panic bars and exit devices to suit your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of panic bars and their applications.


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Panic Bar Applications

Door Hinge Installation

Standard Rim Exit Device

This is the most common type of panic bar found on fire exit doors. It’s suitable for doors made of aluminum, wood, or metal and has a low maintenance cost. It’s a reliable product that can withstand heavy traffic usage, as long as it’s used properly.

Narrow Stile Exit Device

This industry-standard rim exit device has a narrow head and is suitable for doors with limited space or narrow studs.

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

This exit device is mainly used on double doors, where the standard exit device won’t work. Surface vertical rods lock onto the floor and the frame header to ensure safe and easy exit.

Door Hinge Installation

Door Hinge Installation in NYC

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device

This type of exit device is similar to the surface vertical rod exit device, with the difference being that the rods are concealed inside the door structure for enhanced appearance. It’s suitable for aluminum and metal doors.

Glass Door Exit Device

This type of panic bar is designed for glass doors and is installed as a decorative handle. The bolt-latch is built into the handle itself, and the handles are locked to the top header or floor.

Alarm for Exit Device

This type of panic bar is usually installed on special fire exit doors that are not in daily use, such as roof doors and stairwell doors. It has a built-in safety alarm that makes a loud sound when the door is opened, alerting people in case of an emergency.

Electrified Exit Device

This type of exit device can be combined with any of the above panic bars and has a built-in electric solenoid that allows it to open with access control devices such as keypads, card readers, and intercoms.

Common Issues with Panic Bars: Solutions to Keep Your Building Secure

Panic bars are an essential component of any commercial building’s security and emergency exit plan. However, like any other mechanical device, they can encounter issues that need to be addressed to ensure their proper functioning. Here are some common issues with panic bars and their solutions:

Issue 1: Door closes, but the panic bar won’t latch

This is a common issue that occurs due to misalignment between the latch of the panic bar and the door frame. It can prevent the latch from extending fully and causing the panic bar to fail. To resolve this issue, our technicians will inspect and adjust the panic bar to ensure proper alignment and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Issue 2: Push bar won’t open the door

This issue is often due to wear and tear of the inner mechanism of the exit device. The inner mechanism may fail to pull the lock back as it should, preventing the door from opening. To solve this issue, our technicians will inspect the panic bar’s internal mechanisms, make any necessary repairs or replacements, and lubricate the bar to ensure smooth operation.

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