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Automatic Door Installation in NYC

Automatic doors are becoming increasingly common in high-occupancy facilities such as building entrances, shopping malls, and hospitals. The main purpose of automatic doors is to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to enable disabled people to enter without any obstacles. These doors are often referred to as A.D.A (Americans with Disabilities Act) doors.

In New York City, automatic doors must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for accessibility. These regulations ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to public accommodations, commercial facilities, and government buildings.

The NYC Building Code requires that automatic doors be equipped with motion sensors that detect approaching pedestrians and trigger the doors to open automatically. The sensors must be positioned to detect a person in a wheelchair or using a mobility device, and the doors must remain open for a sufficient amount of time to allow the person to pass through.

Additionally, the doors must have an opening clearance of at least 32 inches and a clear path of travel that is free of any obstructions. The buttons or switches used to activate the doors must be located at a height that is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

At Matador Security, we are familiar with the NYC regulations for automatic doors and can ensure that your doors are in compliance with the ADA requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our automatic door installation and repair services.


Automatic Door in NYC

Matadoor Security Services is your top choice for professional automatic door installation and repair across all 5 NYC boroughs and Long Island. We have consistently assisted businesses in acquiring and maintaining high-quality automatic doors at a more competitive rate than generic brands.

Benefit from our exceptional customer service that includes a prompt, real-time assessment, a FREE price quote, and same-day appointments for all your automatic door installation or repair needs. Reach out to Matadoor Security Services for unmatched expertise and value!

What makes a regular door automatic?


An automatic swing door operator. This is a motor that is installed on the door and frame, paired with push-to-open buttons to activate the door and make any swing door automatic.

Automatic doors can be installed in a variety of applications:

  • Standard overhead surface mount 

The door operator is installed on the top jamb of the frame and connected with a pull/push arm to the door. This type of installation allows existing standard doors to become automatic swing doors.

  • Overhead concealed 

The door operator is installed concealed in the top jamb, making the door more attractive. This type of installation is best for aluminum and glass doors.

  • Concealed in ground 

This type of installation is best for full glass doors, areas that require an enhanced appearance, and landmark building entrances.

Automatic Door Installation in NYC

Automatic doors can be installed in two ways:

  1. As a whole set of new automatic doors.
  2. By installing an automatic swing door operator on an existing door and frame.

Automatic Door Repair in NYC

Automatic doors are often installed in storefronts and businesses that experience high traffic. They work in continuous duty for years and have many moving parts that must work together to achieve smooth operation. To ensure proper operation, automatic doors need to be maintained every six months. Failure to properly maintain automatic doors can lead to malfunctions and ultimately require repair.

Reasons to install an automatic door

Automatic doors are typically installed for a few reasons:

  1. In commercial and public spaces to make entering and exiting the premises easier and to allow disabled and elderly people to access the premises with ease.
  2. In commercial spaces to attract customers from the street by opening automatically and grabbing their attention.
  3. In wide openings that require frequent opening and closing options without the need for physical effort.

Issues with automatic doors:

  1. The door does not close all the way/the door will not open all the way – if there is no obstruction at the door opening, it may be necessary to adjust the power in the motor. If the issue persists, a replacement may be needed.
  2. The door will not open automatically for pedestrians – checking the motion sensor for failures can help diagnose and fix this issue.

At Matador Security, we offer automation services for aluminum doors, full glass doors, fireproof doors, and wooden doors. Contact us today to learn more about our automatic door installation and repair services.

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