Top 3 Signs You Need a Lock Replacement

Locks make it easy for people to move around the house, knowing that no one else can invade their property. With these locks, you may feel like you have everything under control – except when things go wrong, and your locks are no longer functional enough to keep you safe.

You can’t conceive of a safer place to be than your own house. But what happens if your home security components, such as locks, get broken or stop functioning like they used to? Sure enough, as a property owner, such situations give you major headaches. That’s when you know you need a lock replacement as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to replace your locks, here are the top 3 signs to look for:

You Have Defective Door Lock

Locks are among the most important components you should have on your property. Whether you are at your home or outside the city, having functional locks gives you peace of mind and unmatched security. That said, when your door locks are defective, they will take a toll on your safety.

Defective locks come in many forms, and all of them can cause a great deal of stress and danger in your building. Below are some of the types of defective locks you should definitely know about:

  • Frozen Door Lock
  • If you reside in a cold-weather area or it’s winter, your door lock may freeze, preventing you from inserting or turning your key. While there may be options in which you can heat them using a hairdryer or car heater, constantly doing that whenever it’s cold season is extremely exhausting and time-consuming. That’s why it is best for you to replace your lock with another that can withstand winter and allow you to open the door trouble-free.

  • Loose Door Lock
  • Door locks are prone to being loose due to frequent usage of the doorknob. This problem may also affect lever style keyed door handles that are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, it is a result of a slipped locking mechanism, which forbids the locks’ internal parts from connecting and functioning properly.

    Solutions such as temporary tape and tightening equipment may seem viable, but they do not guarantee the longevity and security of your home. That said, replacing your lock is the best option you could have, as it ensures the quality of your door locks and provides you with top-tier security.

  • Sticky Door Lock
  • Door locks may not operate well due to the buildup of dirt and dryness. When such problems occur, many people opt to apply powdered graphite or lube spray to make the lock move. However, these solutions will not be effective in the long run. As a property owner, you certainly want the best for your building, and having your locks replaced is definitely your best choice. Doing so will lessen your burden and give you brand-new, high-quality, and durable locks that can last for many years.

    You Have an Outdated Lock

    Locks are indeed a trustworthy tool that adds value and safety to your building. Having a well-functioning lock eases your worries and lets you have a peaceful moment without danger getting in the way. However, the standard lock on your home is becoming weaker and more vulnerable to intruders. For such reasons, you realize that having a modernized lock is better, and that makes smart locks the perfect choice for your needs.

    Smart locks provide many dependable and easy-to-use functions, such as smartphone monitoring to manage settings, check system status, and receive emergency notifications. Hence, replacing your traditional locks with smart locks provides you with keyless access, sensors for your smooth entry and exit, and, most importantly, security like no other!

    You're Relocating to a New Home or Building

    Moving into a new house or building means you need to have increased protection. Unfortunately, your pre-existing locks that have been used for years can no longer guarantee the security you wish for. In most cases, property owners will still use their old locks as long as they’re still working. Thus, this could compromise security because the locks are outdated and easily broken.

    In order to prevent any chance of break-in at your new place, replacing these old locks with new ones is indeed your go-to solution. Not only does it meet your safety measures, but it also gives you hassle-free access to your entryways.

    Final Thoughts: Top 3 Signs You Need a Lock Replacement

    Lock replacement is a lot more effective than fixing it over and over again. Keep in mind that temporary solutions give you short-term ease that can harm you in the long run. If you want to have a secure property, then keeping an old lock and repeatedly fixing it is definitely the wrong way to go. Having your locks replaced gives you the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that you have been yearning for!

    Considering lock replacement is paired with choosing the right company to do the job for you. At Matadoor Security Services, we have it all prepared to ensure that you get the lock that you deserve. Our experts will be on their way to your property, deal with your safety concerns, and have your locks replaced fast and of the highest quality.

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