4 Surprising Uses of Commercial Doors You Didn’t Know

Commercial doors typically provide a secure entry and exit point for businesses. However, there are some surprising uses for commercial doors that you may have yet to consider. From enhancing the appearance of your business to improving energy efficiency, these unique uses can provide benefits beyond their primary function.

Improving Aesthetics

One of the surprising uses of commercial doors is to enhance the appearance of your business. Aesthetics are crucial in attracting customers and creating a positive first impression. 

Commercial doors come in various styles and materials, including aluminum, glass, and wood. Choosing a door that complements the design of your building can make a significant impact on the overall look of your business.

For example, glass doors provide a modern and sleek appearance, while wood doors offer a warm and inviting feel. Additionally, custom doors can be designed to match the unique style of your business, which can set you apart from competitors.

Creating Room Dividers

Commercial doors can also be used to create room dividers. This is especially useful for businesses with open floor plans that need to separate areas for specific purposes. For example, a restaurant may want to divide the bar area from the dining area to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Sliding or bi-fold doors can create a temporary partition that is easily opened or closed. This is a cost-effective way to create additional space without major construction or renovation.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Another surprising use of commercial doors is to improve energy efficiency. Doors are a significant source of energy loss in buildings, leading to higher energy bills and a less comfortable indoor environment. Commercial doors with energy-efficient features can reduce energy consumption and improve overall building efficiency.


Insulated doors, for example, can help regulate the temperature inside your building, reducing the need for heating and cooling. Additionally, doors with weatherstripping can prevent drafts and air leaks, further improving energy efficiency.

Increasing Security

Commercial doors are designed to provide security for businesses, but there are additional features that can enhance their effectiveness. For example, doors with reinforced frames and hinges can provide greater resistance to forced entry. Additionally, doors with electronic access control systems can restrict access to authorized personnel only.

Another surprising security feature is the use of ballistic doors. Ballistic doors are designed to withstand high-velocity impact from bullets and other projectiles. They are commonly used in government buildings, banks, and other high-security facilities but can also be used in businesses requiring extra protection.

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Commercial doors have many surprising uses beyond their primary function of providing businesses with a secure entry and exit point. They can enhance the appearance of your business, create room dividers, improve energy efficiency, and increase security. When choosing one, consider these additional benefits and how they can improve your business’s overall functionality and efficiency.

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