Top 3 Best Automatic Door Installations for Your Business

You are at your office, preparing to leave for work. As you clean your desk, you suddenly hear one of your employees rushing towards you to tell you that a fire broke out at your main door. You quickly run to check it, anxious and expecting the worst. When you arrive, you see everyone is safe as your door stops the fire from spreading.

Accidents are perhaps the scariest encounters no one deserves to go through. However, these situations can happen in just a snap. As they say, preparation is better than cure. Similarly, having a high-quality door installation in your building is better than having a traditional door that is accessible to intruders and vulnerable to emergencies such as fire. That said, you must know which automatic doors are best for your building. Having a door that has both increased protection and a beautiful design option is such a worthwhile opportunity you must not miss!

Find out the best automatic door installations you can choose from!

1. Automatic Fireproof Door Installation

Automatic fireproof doors are designed to keep fires from spreading. They are made up of the best features designed to shield the building and people from raging fires, such as barriers that form when the doors are closed to halt the spread of fire. To ensure the quality of these automatic fireproof doors, manufacturers test them through a fire-resistance rating, which is expected to last for 30 to 40 minutes. Most property owners also consider having regular inspections to guarantee that these doors are still operating well.

An automatic fireproof door installation is best for buildings that are prone to fire, such as factories. Having this door on your property reduces the possibility of losing both property and people. Furthermore, it facilitates efficient evacuation without putting anyone’s life at risk.

2. Automatic Aluminum Door Installation

Automatic aluminum doors are made of durable and sturdy materials, which make them highly corrosion-resistant and weather-proof. Whether you own a commercial or residential building, aluminum doors can still accommodate your aesthetic and security needs. These doors have contemporary designs that can be customized to fit your dream entryway. Additionally, they have structural stability consisting of a patented leaf design that can resist temperature changes and have accessible evacuation space.

Automatic aluminum door installation is a must-have to complement your goal of reliable security, infinite design customization, and exemplary stability. This door is also energy-efficient as it has lower energy costs. One of the reasons why it’s highly preferred is because it is easy to maintain. An aluminum door doesn’t bend, rust, or rot, making it more dependable than others.

3. Automatic Full Glass Door Installation

Automatic full glass doors are commonly tempered or heat-strengthened. They have horizontal muntins that divide the glass area. These doors have numerous advantages, such as a sense of transparency between building areas and optimal amounts of natural light passing through a space. Automatic full-glass doors, like automatic aluminum doors, are low-maintenance because they do not rust or corrode over time. In addition, when they are toughened, they are not easily broken, which forbids criminals from entering your property.

Automatic full glass door installation is among the top choices of home and commercial owners because the customization options for this door are limitless. It means that you can go from having a French glass door to a frosted glass door. Hence, it has strong visual appeal and versatility, making this door ideal for both homes and businesses.

Final Thoughts

When you have a property, the first thing that you should consider is how safe it is. Every corner of your building can be a spot for emergencies and crimes to occur. But most importantly, you need to prioritize your door, as a lot more things could happen there, from accommodating hundreds of people to protecting your building from emergencies and crimes.

For your desired convenience and security, automatic door installation needs a top-level company to do the job. For such reasons, Matadoor Security Services is here to assist you, from choosing the right door for your needs to installing it seamlessly on your property. You, your belongings, and everyone in your building are safe and hassle-free with us!

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