Types and Benefits of Glass Doors

People thought it would be easier to look for a door. You have to do in-depth research on which door best meets your needs, especially if you want something that gives both partition and a sense of connection. As a property owner, you surely thought about how impossible it is to find a door like that, right?

Guess what? Glass doors are still on the market, waiting for you to see how eye-pleasing and valuable they are for your home and office! These doors offer significant advantages and usage you once thought didn’t exist. On top of that, they come in different types, so you can have the best options to choose from!

Keep reading to learn more about glass doors, their types, and their benefits!

What are Glass Doors?

These modern-day doors are made of glass with either wood or metal frames. Glass doors come in two types: interior and exterior. Interior glass doors are designed to create a distinction between rooms. They also have a versatile design, which makes them suitable for business areas such as offices and conference rooms. Meanwhile, exterior glass doors are used as front entryways. These doors are mostly made of fiberglass and solid wood that are weather-resistant. However, they have heavier frame materials, whose weight may vary depending on the types of glass installed on them.

Types of Glass Doors

Choosing glass doors may seem confusing to you as they have many types. While all of these are ideal, there’s always the one that fits what you need the most. Hence, it is best to understand the door choices before making your next entryway purchase. At Matadoor Security Services, we will help you get the best door type and have it professionally installed at your property.

If you’re looking for a new glass door, you may find the following list of types useful in your decision.

  • French Door
  • French doors are made up of two single-hinged doors open outward from the frame’s middle portion. In some old designs, these doors have timber-framed glass panels that swing inside. They are in demand in the market because they have essential features suitable for your interior and exterior areas, such as transparent glass panels, double door design, and unobstructed openings.

  • Pivot Door
  • Unlike other entryways with hinges attached to their door frames, pivot doors open and close by rotating on a spindle. As a result, these doors offer more expansive spaces perfect for your next home improvement or building renovation. Furthermore, pivot doors have different types based on what you need, whether for the closet, front, or shower. On top of this, they often have two key spaces; one is used as a passage area, whereas the other is small and serves as an aesthetic.

  • Single Hinged Door
  • If you want to maintain a traditional appearance on your property, a single-hinged door is a way to go. One side of this door has a swiveling hinge, which allows the other side to swing open. Moreover, a single-hinged door can open outwards and inwards, making them beneficially adjustable for internal and external purposes. Furthermore, a single-hinged door is considered a good alternative in cases where there is no allowance for folding or stacked door installation.

  • Bi-fold Door
  • Bi-fold doors have individual folding door panels that offer framed and frameless design options. They consist of two or multiple hinged panels that are pushable to the structural opening’s sides. Additionally, these doors create a large interior illusion because there will be no obstructive structural posts on the wall opening. Since they are bi-fold, they provide flexibility in which you can choose to fully or partially open them. Hence, the door system will still function, making these doors more efficient than others.

  • Stacking Door
  • Stacking doors have the same appearance as sliding doors but with more moving panels. As such, they can then slide behind one structural element. Moreover, they can collect and interlock with the next panel to slide. One of their benefits is that they offer you the freedom to control the amount of air through their moving panels. Thus, you can adjust your property’s temperature, whether it’s to have more breeze on a sunny day or a warm night.

  • Sliding Door
  • While other door types have inward and outward entry options, sliding doors are sideways. These doors can contribute to your ideal aesthetics by allowing expansive glass walls to maximize your views. You can easily transition from indoor to outdoor spaces or vice versa. In addition, sliding doors are space-saving as they won’t require you to consider the space your door will consume when it swings open.

    Benefits of Glass Doors?

    Glass doors are not the typical doors that you might find at a local store. Instead, they have more to offer for your concerns, from maintenance to visibility, design, and space. With Matadoor Security Services, these advantages are guaranteed as we will install your door how you want it to – durable, high-quality, and for long-term use!

    Here are the benefits you can get when you choose glass doors:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • When searching for a door that fits your needs and preferences, one of the first factors you think of is whether the entry will spare you from inconvenient situations or not. That’s why a glass door is precisely the best one for you. With this door, you no longer need to worry about having a hard time when it gets smudged and builds up debris, dirt, and fingerprints. Glass doors are easy to maintain as they have a smooth surface to clean. All you need to do is wipe these doors down using a soft cloth daily.

  • Natural Light Enters Your Area
  • Having natural light in your area saves you from consuming electricity and boosts your productivity. As sunlight comes in, there’s no need for you to heat your space when it gets cold or turn on the lights all day. Furthermore, when natural light shines through your home or office, it gives you a level of visibility your bulbs cannot provide.

  • Modern Touch to Your Space
  • There’s nothing more pleasing to look at than your ideal space design coming to reality. Most property owners like you want to keep up with the trends, and that’s what makes glass doors an outstanding option for you! With these doors, you can have a beautiful, neat, and sleek look in your area. Additionally, glass doors have tons of style options to choose from. Most importantly, they are customizable to meet your desired style.

  • Feel More Spacious
  • It’s pretty uncomfortable when your area feels so occupied and closed off. In most cases, homes and offices have dividers that are space-consuming. Hence, they make you distracted. Fortunately, glass doors can change that for you. These doors are tailored to help you achieve division in your area without too much space. Moreover, they provide a sense of transparency, as you can watch everyone around you while keeping a division between them.

    Final Thoughts: Types and Benefits of Glass Doors

    Glass doors have their way of making your property as aesthetic and functional as possible. They guarantee you the highest quality when it comes to design, style, and security options. For such reasons, they are certainly among the go-to door types you can find anywhere, whether in malls, supermarkets, banks, etc.

    Remember that choosing a glass door is one of many actions you must take to secure the aesthetics and functionality of your entryways. What’s a good quality door type without proper installation, right? That’s why Matadoor Security Services is here for you! We specialize in door installation to help you get the glass door you want — all with top-notch service you can always rely on!

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