What To Consider Before Getting Automatic Door Systems

We now live in a technologically advanced society where everyone can enjoy the advantages of innovations—one of which is having a door that automates itself for you. Automatic doors have become a valuable component of every property. Such doors are more efficient and handle traffic better than traditional ones. They also provide customers with a pleasant experience at every entry.

While these benefits may seem helpful enough to decide on your door purchase, you still have many things to consider. Doing so will guide you in choosing automatic doors that are perfect for your buildings.

Let us take a look at must-have considerations for your automatic door systems!

What to Consider Before Buying and Installing New Automatic Door Systems?

It’s safe to say that automatic door systems will always be a popular option for commercial building owners. They are favored by many because of their contemporary design and advanced functions. However, you shouldn’t simply rely on these factors when making purchases for your door; additional criteria should also be accounted for. Want to know more about what to consider for your automatic door systems? Check out our comprehensive list below!

  • Power Usage
  • On top of that list is the power consumption your automatic door will require. Increasing electricity bills is something you wouldn’t wish to have, do you? That said, it is important to consider how much power they use when they are closed or open.

    According to a study, closed automatic door systems do not mean they do not consume electricity. In fact, in most cases, when these doors are connected to AC power, they have 3 to 5 watts of standby power consumption. If you want to invest in doors that are both energy-efficient and high-performing, you absolutely need to determine which door has a power usage that is most suitable for your property.

  • Dependability and Reliability
  • Having a door that is unreliable and has short-term use can ruin the entire quality of your business. As an owner, it is important for you to have a dependable electronic door installed on your property. Not only will they add a modern touch, but they will also ensure that you won’t go through a frustrating moment caused by door failures.

    So, how can you select the best and most reliable door for your building?

    Firstly, you have to choose the right product provider. Conducting well-grounded research from their expertise in the industry, legal matters, and customer feedback is essential. This way, you can be sure that you have the best door delivered to your property.

    Secondly, keep in mind that having a high-quality door is not enough. You must also ensure that you hire the right installation company. In this case, a low price should not be an option. Instead, prioritize the quality that the installation service can provide.

    Finally, don’t try to save money by using cheaper services. Remember that spending a lot of money on doors and having them installed is not a waste of time. Instead, they are the most effective means of preventing the malfunction of doors, which would necessitate more expensive repairs.

  • Security and Safety
  • Your doors are not just there for people to pass through. They also protect you from potentially dangerous situations. With that, the next thing that you should consider is the security of your door.

    Safety features, such as barriers and emergency openers, are among the best investments you could have for your property. It is highly suggested that you compare different security systems for you to identify which among them gives you top-level protection. Most importantly, such purchases must comply with the law. Being a business owner gives you the duty to ensure that your product supplier is legal from manufacturing to selling.

  • Design
  • While power consumption, reliability, and safety are your main priorities for door purchase, there is one more thing that you should check out: the design of the door. That is, if you want to meet customer satisfaction.

    The door’s design is heavily influenced by many factors, including the material, layout, and placement. It is also best to adhere to trends to attract more people to your storefront. Thus, improving the appearance and efficiency of your doors will surely take your business to the next level.

    Automatic Door Types According To Your Business Structure

    Owning a business is more than just products and services. You need to go detail by detail, which includes every component of your property, such as doors. Nowadays, automatic doors are surely your best option. These doors have sensors and other sophisticated features that make people’s lives easier. Hence, they ensure your business creates a welcoming environment. Let’s find out what kinds of doors are available and see if any of them work for you!

  • Automatic Swinging Door
  • If your building has narrow passages, then you may want to try an automatic swinging door. This door has a push and pull functionality that is either installed overhead or attached to the surface. Hence, they are the best match for you if you own shopping malls, schools, and offices.

  • Automatic Sliding Door
  • If you are in a retail establishment, hospital, or grocery store, then you surely spend your day in such busy areas. Dealing with that set-up will only be manageable with an automatic sliding door. These doors don’t open into your space, making them a good choice for limited spaces or places where people go in different directions, like your property.

  • Automatic Folding Door
  • If you have congested areas, another good purchase is an automatic folding door. With its single and bi-fold arrangements, pedestrians can walk in any direction using the same entrance.

  • Low-Energy Swinging Door
  • For environments tailored to people with disabilities and elderly people, a low-energy swinging door is definitely the most ideal. If you manage hospitals, healthcare facilities, or retirement homes, this door will make your entry and exit more accessible and convenient.

  • Revolving Door
  • Nowadays, most buildings encounter heavy foot traffic. If your property is one of those, then you will surely be interested in the revolving door. This door can cater to many people coming in and out simultaneously. One more thing, it saves energy by inhibiting drafts from cold or hot winds, making this door more cost-effective than others.

    Final Thoughts: Things To Consider Before Purchasing and Installing Automatic Door Systems

    Everyone wants the best for their properties, from cost to installation, maintenance, design, and, most importantly, safety. Considering and evaluating these factors are your best bets for your door investment. Always remember that your doors hold the full potential to attract customers, which is why you have to take the time to choose the right one for your business.

    Hence, the best step you should take is to choose costly automatic doors over cheap ones, as they are more reliable, prevent you from expensive repair costs, and are definitely worth every dollar. That said, if you want a new door professionally installed, Matadoor Security Services is here to help. When you work with us, we’ll take care of all your door-related aims in a way that no one else can! Call us today at 929-539-8048 for a free consultation and price estimate!

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