4 Signs Your Business Needs Automatic Door Repair

4 Signs Your Business Needs Automatic Door Repair

Even though automatic doors look modern and have sophisticated mechanisms, they can still break or stop working. Leaving it for too long can hurt your operations and security in a big way, which is a big no-no.

Automatic door repairs are always there for you and keep your valuable investments from breaking beyond repair. But the real question is, when do I need to fix my automatic door?

Well, here are some warning signs to look out for before you decide to call Matadoor Security Services to fix your automatic door:

1. Takes a Long Time To Open and Close

Automatic doors are made for quick access, opening and closing at the right time. If your door doesn’t do precisely that, there’s a high possibility it’s broken. You don’t want customers to stand in front of the door for more than a few seconds, so check the sensors for any dirt or condensation and call a professional technician.

2. It Wobbles and Sways

Automatic doors can occasionally vibrate and creak. But if your door starts to wobble and sway and it looks like the glass is about to break, that’s a sign that something is wrong. A door company, such as Matadoor Security Services, can quickly determine what’s wrong and fix it by greasing some parts, adjusting the alignment, or replacing the rollers.

3. Small Cracks Are Starting To Appear

Even small chips and cracks in the glass are big problems that must be fixed immediately before an accident happens. Matadoor Security Services can replace the glass in automatic doors that have cracks or look like they might fall out of their frames. They can also find any other problems as quickly as possible.

4. It Makes Squeaking Noise

Even if it’s not a big deal, who would want their automatic doors to make annoying whirring and squeaking sounds? It could also indicate that your doors require repair, which you won’t know until a professional inspect them.

Which Do You Need: Automatic Door Replacement or Door Repair?

No matter what brand your automatic doors are, you will have to replace them at some point. The problem is that you won’t always be able to tell when to make that replacement, and a contractor might not always give you a straight answer. So, here’s what you can do to find out if you need a repair or a replacement:

When to Repair Your Automatic Door

You can fix your automatic door when the damage isn’t too bad. Small areas of rot can be cleaned and patched, minor dents can be sanded out and repainted, small cracks can be filled, and small drafts can be fixed by weatherstripping the door. Also, sagging doors might need to be hung back up for them to work again.

Even though you can fix moderate damage to a door or frame, the best thing to do is to let door technicians assess the damage.

When to Replace Your Automatic Door

Door and frame replacement is necessary when cracks, dents, and rotting spots are too big to be fixed with simple repairs or when the cost of fixing them would be more than the cost of a new door. A door also needs replacement if it gets bent or the size changes because of the weather in your area. Doors that aren’t made for certain kinds of weather will expand and shrink throughout the year, which can be a problem for business owners.

Choosing Your Door Repair Company in NYC

If your automatic door needs to be fixed or replaced, it’s best to let a professional handle the job. If you need an automatic door repair in NYC, research your local contractors. Give priority to those who have years of experience fixing automatic doors and have gotten great reviews from people in the area, like Matadoor Security Services.

Matadoor Security Services repairs broken automatic doors and replaces them if needed for businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York. Contact us to find out more about our services and to schedule a consultation.



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