7 Reasons Why You Need An Expert Door Repair

Doing DIY projects in New York is great, especially if you’re budgeting. However, we firmly believe it’s best to leave door repair to professionals. And we have 7 reasons why you need to.

Repairing a door might sound tempting, but having expert door technicians makes a difference. That’s especially true if you’re repairing an entry door for your business, as one misstep can devastate your store.

While we encourage our customers to explore new experiences, repairing a door isn’t just one of them. So, here are the 7 reasons why you need expert door repair:

1. Reduces Risk During the Repair

First, you need an expert to ensure your and your customer’s safety. While you think you’ve got everything covered, there are lots of unexpected events that could pose a threat, which include the following:

  • Equipment Malfunctioning
  • Dust and Debris Flying
  • Broken Glass Scattered On the Ground
  • Splintered Wood or Metal
  • Live Electric Wires with Cuts on It

Matadoor Security Services has a team of experts who take care of all the dirty work and ensure safety precautions are taken. We want to keep you and your customers safe, even during the repair.

2. Saves You Time & Effort

Business owners like yourself have families, customers, and businesses to care for. And the door repair? We’re guessing that’s the least of your worries. That’s why we firmly believe that you need us—experts that can repair your door as seamlessly and quickly as you need.

We’re a busy company, and we understand how you feel. Our team will handle everything so you can focus on your priorities. We are here 24/7 if you need us, including Sunday.

3. Prevent Unnecessary Damage to Property

Destroying damaged parts of the door is fun, but not until you accidentally damage something. Yes, we’re talking about accidentally breaking the floor or damaging the siding. Many things can happen, especially if you don’t have prior experience repairing a door.

These accidents can cost you additional money. The worst scenario would be damaging your new door. That’s why you need an expert door technician to fix the damage, not add one. For that reason, you can call Matadoor Security Services to fix your broken door.

4. Seasoned Experience in Door Repair

Picture this. If you repair your door, you might end up worsening the damage. For instance, if you’re repairing a glass door, you might accidentally tap the door at its weak point and break the glass completely. So instead of fixing a small problem, you accidentally created a new, big one.

Let’s face it. There are many processes and techniques that only an experienced door technician knows. At Matadoor Security Services, we have years of experience that we can put to use to ensure your door gets the best repair possible.

5. Have All the Tools

Certain door repairs need specialized tools to get the job done. When repairing the door yourself, you’ll likely buy tools you’ll only use once. You will also have to read the manuals to use those tools.

Why go through all those hassles? Door repair companies have all the tools needed to repair your door. At Matadoor Security Services, we have all the tools and knowledge to fix your door in no time.

6. Warranty On Parts and Services

Installing replacement parts for broken parts of your door sounds satisfying, but not until you find out you purchased a defective product. Sure, you can try and return it to the store, but you can’t do anything unless you prove the product was already defective when you purchased it.

Our team of experts can prevent that for you. We are more than happy to buy everything your door needs, and we can manage the warranty if a part comes defective. Additionally, we offer a warranty on our services, so you don’t need to worry about something failing.

7. Seamless Job Done the First Time

Businesses in New York get a lot of traffic, so you need an expert door repair done seamlessly. You may be able to do the repair yourself and believe you have completed the task, but looks can be deceiving. The door may work fine for now, but one tiny error can damage it again.

Picture this. What if you forgot to tighten the screws on the hinge? What would happen if you forgot to put in a key part of your automatic door’s mechanism? So, why put your door and business at risk for another repair when Matadoor Security Services can do a great job? Let us help you; we guarantee you a seamless job done right the first time.

How Do I Know I Need an Expert Door Repair?

While many damages are obvious, it’s important to know the signs you should look for to determine whether you need expert door repair. To help you, we’ve compiled signs you need to take into account, including:

  • Misalignment of the Door to the Frame
  • Makes Squeaking Noises
  • Door Makes a Hollow Sound When Tapped
  • Door Doesn’t Stay Latched
  • Door Has Sustained Damaged
  • Steel Door Has Rust and Corrosion
  • Storefront Door Doesn’t Close Properly

Final Thoughts: 7 Reasons Why You Need An Expert Door Repair

Many business owners try to DIY their doors but fail. It costs them time, money, and effort—all of which can be avoided should they hire an expert door repair company. If you’re living in New York, whether in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, our expert door technicians are ready to help.

At Matadoor Security Services, we pride ourselves on offering only top-notch service regarding expert door repair in NYC. Whether your door is automatic, fireproof, or wooden, we can repair it. Just call 929-539-8048, and our team will be there in your area.

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