Different Types of Commercial Locks​

Commercial locks are often one of the most neglected paraphernalia of business security like alarms, CCTV cameras, and motion detectors. However, locks act as the most active aspect of a powerfully layered commercial security structure. As opposed to CCTVs, commercial locks can help you determine how secure your business is.

Looking into a budgetary standpoint, investing in commercial locks might be irrelevant as there are cheap and simple locks available in the market. On the contrary, it should constitute a major budgetary effort as it contributes to the risk of losing your business’ major assets.

Locks that have high security are anchored with unique keys that only permit you and the regulated employee to open and close doors. This gives the intruders a ghost of a chance to access your business even if they are using specialized break techniques such as key bumping.

Are Commercial Door Locks Different?

A commercial door lock is the same as a residential lock. However, it is formed uniquely and should pass the security ratings set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It is a non-profit organization that grants the standards for products, systems, processes, personnel, and services in the United States.

Moreover, commercial door locks come particularly in either Grade1 or 2 which are used in areas with high traffic business establishments like museums, malls, theatres, etc.

Top Commercial Locks You Need For Your Business

Given the wide options of commercial locks in the market, there are some that are made of strong and high-grade materials. These are impenetrable to bumping, drilling, and picking. Although these locks are more expensive than the usual ones, they are durable and at the same time can withstand greater forces along with weather-related conditions.

To name a few, here are the top commercial locks you need for your business.

  • Cylindrical Lever Locks
  • Most businesses today are using cylindrical lever locks. There is a possibility that you already made contact with this lock, but don’t have an idea that it’s lever. Cylindrical lever locks are not only used for commercial but also for residential. This type of lock is composed of different parts such as the inside and outside rose, latch, chassis, outside lever, and cylinder.

  • Keypad Door Locks
  • Residential and apartment buildings are the most common places to find keypad door locks. While it’s true, commercial buildings and business establishments are slowly taking advantage of these types of locks. It is because keypad door locks can cater to a heap of employees without compromising their security. Keypad door locks are keyless and use a biometric lock feature.

  • Panic Bars Or Crash Bars
  • Panic bars work differently from common commercial door locks. It is because these locks are commonly used in emergency exits. Also, these locks are keyless and do not need too much effort when maneuvering compared to the common ones. Panic bars are steered using a handlebar. Once this is pressed, the internal mechanics retract the latch to allow the arms to retract and open the door.

  • Commercial Electric Strike Locks
  • As its name suggests, commercial electric strike locks are commonly called electronic door locks. This is a combination of both panic and keypad door locks. In the present time, electronic door locks came into popular because of the high-security feature they can offer to the table. There are two commercial electric strike lock types, which are fail-secure locks and fail-safe locks.

  • Mortise Locks
  • Given its durability and reliability, mortise locks are another popular type of commercial locks you can incorporate into your business’ security features. Mortise locks can be mostly found in an area where foot traffic comes in high volumes. It is because these locks have the ability to be consistent and constant. Besides, it is made up of the most durable bolts, which has an important role to fulfill in making this unbreakable.

    Final Thoughts: Different Types of Commercial Locks

    It is always crucial to pay attention to how your business operates in order to pick the perfect locks that fit your commercial needs. With a wide array of commercial locks available in the market, the list above should be a good starting point, which will help enhance your business’ security demands.

    Although commercial locks depend on the type of business you have, it’s a must that you have to consider the kind of office or space you have. Lastly, the kind of working environment and your employees’ traits can also contribute to your commercial door locks choice.

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